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Oh wait, there it is, the rage I couldn’t find the other night, growling into my pillow, crying frustration, pain, betrayal but not rage. The rage was in absentia. Not now. Here, wishing dead someone who has hurt my children, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving is a holiday that is always filled with tension for me though I seek desperately for ways to end that and to feel happy and and have fun on this food holiday. Every day of my life, with few … Continue reading

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The Eye Doctor and ‘Them Sireens’

Today is the day of our annual, family migration to visit the eye doctor. We love our eye doctor, probably more than is normal and thanks to the events recorded here, we found him. Because I was never, ever going … Continue reading

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Things Which Make Me Think of Elizabeth, On Her Birthday

Big, red hearts, worn on sleeves Open mouths, suspended in shock, anger, the need to finish what they are saying Ears, the need to be heard. Footie pajamas. Too much tequila, bike wrecks, knitting in the round, family, travel, turtles … Continue reading

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Food and passion and renewal and the desire to heal

Last weekend I went to a conference. This one. It was fabulous. Spending those days with like-minded sisters is a fabulous way to re-center, feed my beliefs and learn awesome new things from amazing women who are passionate and who … Continue reading

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Staycation, Day 3

Today I had a husband to hang out with again ALL DAY. It was cool. We got up and did our chores (amazing how quickly the laundry was all washed folded and put away without a child here!) and headed … Continue reading

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Staycation, Day 2, with husband

Mark took this day off of work and we spent the day doing chores, inside, mostly in the nude. Those of you who never walk around your houses sans attire really need to give it a try. You can turn … Continue reading

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