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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Narcissism at it’s finest. You do it, too, even if it’s a FB post! It will be way more fun then. 1. Sometimes I go for months without washing my hair. 2. I’m studying to become a professional herbalist. 3. … Continue reading

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Woman, Love Thyself

A couple of bloggers I read from the Crafty/Waldorf/Mommy Blogosphere have started on an 8 week journey of self-acceptance. This journey involves sharing photographs of themselves with the world, via their blogs. For me, this seems like a moment of … Continue reading

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Climate Change

It is difficult to discern the truth in the midst of such conflicting information. Who is telling the truth? Is there a truth? Is a warming planet a scientific reality? Either way, we need to find alternatives for powering our … Continue reading

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I Love Tuesday Meme

Thanks Chacha for the idea. This morning I got up ~ 8am, tossed on some clothes, made coffee, drank coffee, beat the children and prepared for my day by logging in to Runescape to get some info on a quest I … Continue reading

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Suckified Mothering

Mrs. G posted this and this post is a response.Yes, despite the fact that my kids seem to be turning out to be awesome human beings, I have to admit that I am guilty of some seriously suckified mothering. Allow … Continue reading

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