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I Just Made This Soup

and it was so good that I must blog the recipe. No pictures. It all disappeared immediately. SPICY VEGGIE SOUP  2 c beef bone broth 1 c canned tomatoes, crushed Pour these into a pot. Bring to a simmer and … Continue reading

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Elderberry Syrup Recipe

For several years we have relied on this stuff to get us through every tickle and sniffle to come up. There are times when things sneak by and I have to break out the big guns, but normally, this recipe … Continue reading

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Every morning I wake up and make one pot of coffee and one pot of this infusion. The pot is about a quart and once the hot water is in and the herbs steeping, I sit the tea pot on … Continue reading

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Eating Breakfast on a (Tight) Budget

First of all I want to tell you that if you’re going to eat well, you have to be willing to cook  and wash dishes. In other words, you have to get over wanting a maid and/or McDonald’s to do … Continue reading

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Fish Tacos

FISH TACOS Not too long ago my husband came home with one hundred pounds of flounder. I don’t mean nice little fillets but whole fish. He bought them while doing his daily business, which, on that particular day, took him … Continue reading

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Sweet Tomato Salad Dressing

No pic, sorry, but this was too good to forget when I tossed it together a few nights ago. It was perfect on our salad fresh from the garden. 1 Tbsp tomato paste1 Tbsp maple syrup3/4 cup olive oilsaltpeppera handful … Continue reading

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Bloody Mary, A Recipe fit for a Queen

This is easy. So easy. By easy I do not mean healthy but it’s an alcoholic beverage, so who would think that anyway?Recipe? Here it is:1 cup Clamato1 oz Absolut Mandarin vodka4 dashes tobasco (don’t be a wimp!)dash of worcestershire … Continue reading

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