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A Letter to Young Mothers

Dear Woman, Please, know that this child is yours. This little, frightening, alien being is yours and you can make the necessary decisions for keeping it fed and safe. Remember back into your great-great-great grandmother’s memories and intuit what is … Continue reading

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I Love This Kid

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Things Which Make Me Think of Elizabeth, On Her Birthday

Big, red hearts, worn on sleeves Open mouths, suspended in shock, anger, the need to finish what they are saying Ears, the need to be heard. Footie pajamas. Too much tequila, bike wrecks, knitting in the round, family, travel, turtles … Continue reading

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50 Ways to Sleep in Public

or a Narcoleptic’s Guide to the Baltic and British Isles. Last summer our family took a vacation. My narcoleptic daughter took advantage of many opportunities to nap. I took advantage of the photo opp. Don’t be too angry on her … Continue reading

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Good Things

Life throws pies. Some are filled with shit and some whipped cream but the truth is, no matter what the pie’s filled with, getting hit in the face with one is no fun. Today life hit me with a pie. … Continue reading

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I’m Filing a Grievance

Most large companies have a Grievance Committee. It’s a grand idea, this group of people who are supposed to be impartial and who feel confident to judge the interpersonal dramas and slights that crop up whenever people interact. I want … Continue reading

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Bunnies! and how we keep them

We have had rabbits for years but when our very last Poo Bunny died we made the switch to show bunnies. A Poo Bunny is a rabbit you keep to eat the leftover lettuce and whose poo helps to grow … Continue reading

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Copenhagen, Denmark

This was our first stop on the cruise. We were jet-lagged, excited, exhausted and ready to get our feet on dry land, so we stepped off the ship at the Freeport docks and hoofed it into town. First stop, and … Continue reading

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Baltic Sea and Camping in the UK

We are going on a Baltic Sea cruise with our immediate family, our extended family and several friends. Many of us have been obsessively reading about the cities we will be stopping in so that we can explore the things … Continue reading

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The Dollhouse

Most people would call this a playhouse and I tend to try to use that term because dollhouse means something entirely different to most people than it does to me. But when I was a kid I had a Dollhouse … Continue reading

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