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Oh wait, there it is, the rage I couldn’t find the other night, growling into my pillow, crying frustration, pain, betrayal but not rage. The rage was in absentia. Not now. Here, wishing dead someone who has hurt my children, … Continue reading

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To My Old Neighbor Whose Name I Cannot Remember, and the Spirit of his Puppy, Buddy

There was a time when I was much younger, a single mom, living in a house with a cute guy next door. This particular cute guy was not Pete. I can’t remember this fella’s name but I remember his dog, … Continue reading

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I’ve written a post by this title before. If it pissed you off the first time I’ve probably already apologized. So why am I doing another post by the same name? Well, because I just saw a Hummer driving around … Continue reading

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Good Things

Life throws pies. Some are filled with shit and some whipped cream but the truth is, no matter what the pie’s filled with, getting hit in the face with one is no fun. Today life hit me with a pie. … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Conservative and Liberal

So far as I can see, the difference between being a Conservative and being a Liberal is that Liberals don’t want to know what you’re doing, but whatever it is they would like to make it possible for you to … Continue reading

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I’m Filing a Grievance

Most large companies have a Grievance Committee. It’s a grand idea, this group of people who are supposed to be impartial and who feel confident to judge the interpersonal dramas and slights that crop up whenever people interact. I want … Continue reading

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Once upon a time my family participated in a group who practiced Native American ceremonial ways. There were sweat lodges, the main focus, but also charity work, dream work and, at Christmas time, a give-away. The people involved were, for … Continue reading

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