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Bathroom Remodel

The sink. I took this post-floor-rip-out, so it’s filthy but you can see it, the mirror, the tile, the very tall radiator and the Very Ugly wallpaper. Ever since we moved back here to my Grandfather’s old home there have … Continue reading

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This Time Last Year

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A Weekend Staycation

Lately I’ve got an itch to travel but we don’t have much cash to scratch it with. Instead I decided to take a ‘Staycation’ last weekend. Our staycation began on Friday. Travis, Martina and I went to The Baker’s Crust … Continue reading

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This picture is so weird

I keep looking at it and looking at it. No, I wasn’t about to elbow Martina in the face and somehow I actually avoided doing that, but really? Looking at it, I can’t figure out what really was going on … Continue reading

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Fucka little social networking can becomeconcentrated obsessionexcept on those days I wake up andback off,overwhelmedoverwrought by the drama, the bullshit, the ADD induced by something that’s forkids. Seriously? I am sitting here trying to figure out exactly what Facebook has … Continue reading

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Father Goose

Mark holding Clover while she takes a nap.

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Derby Day Salon

Homeschoolers do not have the performance options that traditionally schooled children do. We don’t have recorder concerts or magic nights or school plays, unless we are members of a great cooperative. We homeschoolers have to be creative in order to … Continue reading

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Those Crazy Neighbors of Mine

A Canada goose and a Great White Egret roosting on opposite posts on my nieces pier.

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Bloody Mary, A Recipe fit for a Queen

This is easy. So easy. By easy I do not mean healthy but it’s an alcoholic beverage, so who would think that anyway?Recipe? Here it is:1 cup Clamato1 oz Absolut Mandarin vodka4 dashes tobasco (don’t be a wimp!)dash of worcestershire … Continue reading

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Derby Day Hat

Just a few photos of my Derby Day hat. I found one online that I loved but knew I could never afford. Instead, I bought this hat, ripped off the decorations and added my own toile and magnolias. The additions … Continue reading

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