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Fried Squash Balls

Kind of like latkes, only fluffier. Inspired by food I ate in Greece, these squash balls are shaped more like frisbees and taste like ambrosia. Fitting. Ingredients 2 med to large squash-yellow, zucchini, patty pan…I used some yellow ones with … Continue reading

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Potato Salad with horseradish and herbs

I love potatoes. I do not, however, love potato salad because too often the potatoes are undercooked and I’m sorry but potatoes are not supposed to crunch when you bite into them. Because of these two issues, I have been … Continue reading

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Tour of Our Garden, June 2009

Here are some recent photos of our gardens. The last few years have been rough with regards to our gardening efforts. Given the fact that our tomatoes don’t do well no matter where we place them and they are our … Continue reading

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Jet Lag

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The 2nd Return of Wind

Martina/7 and Wind/4. Wind was born here at MTBar on tax day 2005. We owned his mama and his grandma before that. He is a Chincoteague cross. He has a marking on his side (covered by the saddle) which is … Continue reading

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A Solid Wall of Bugs

Driving home tonight I was talking about how, when I was a kid, hitting the North Carolina line didn’t need a sign. Virginia sprayed. NC didn’t. It was a solid wall of bugs that you hit at the state line … Continue reading

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Delphi, pictures

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