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The Latest in Home Fashion for Goats…

All goats should have their own igloo.

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I love this photo. It was taken during the snow on December 26th, 2010. The way the different textures spring out in the visual field makes my eyes smile. Pine bark, icy water, wind-flayed water, blank, white snow, a globby … Continue reading

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It seems that dh and I may have reached the point in our lives where things are just too cushy. He works too hard. I’m too withdrawn, making every effort to avoid conflict with family, with spectators, with whoever. This … Continue reading

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Snow and Water

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A Christmas Carol

I’ve spent the day seeing ghosts. Not ghosts of people I know or the ghosts in my memory but people who are just out of the corner of my vision. I’m not accustomed to them being there, appearing, the man … Continue reading

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My Own Deeper Real

I think I’ve forgotten who I am. Once I enjoyed Saturday trail rides, parades at Christmastime, the Oyster Bowl, Azalea Festival, grooming my mount, dressing up like an elf or rodeo queen. My entire life now is about taking care. … Continue reading

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