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My Men (with a little Martina on the side…ah, corner)

Taken just outside of Delphi, Greece. From L>R by heads: Martina, Mark, Travis, Randall

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Dear Christians,

Please understand that Judging the Non-Christians in any public place is inappropriate. When you present the topic of the poor unbeliever in a public forum, you may be stepping on someone else’s religious toes and it hurts. Because you so … Continue reading

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When the Vet Brings Good News

I know it’s been a wonderful day… My horse is old. 25 to be exact. The normal life expectancy for a horse was 26 last time I checked, so while he’s not on borrowed time, he is old. The vet … Continue reading

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For Granted

Is it human nature? Today was quiet. Mark is working on various small projects outside and in. I am prepping for my co-op class and cleaning house, reading a bit. The kids are helping. It is nice outside, finally cooling … Continue reading

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Tomato Sauce the Lazy Way

We like tomato sauce. We eat it a lot. Chili; tomato based soups; marinara sauce; etc. So we grow a lot of tomatoes and try to preserve the results. Since I was ill a few years back, though, I’ve lost … Continue reading

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Pico de Gallo

I’m not even sure about the spelling but last night I made some delicious salsa and thought I’d share the recipe. Most everything came from our garden. Pico de Gallo 4 ripe tomatoes 1 jalapeno 1 bell pepper 1 cayenne … Continue reading

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Preserved Eggplant

I’m posting this because I don’t want to lose the recipe. It sounds good. I’ll follow the directions and then freeze the results. Will post once I know how it tastes. PRESERVED EGGPLANT IN OLIVE OIL (Makes 2 quarts) (click … Continue reading

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