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roasted root veg

Sweet potato (peeled), two carrots, three small beets (peeled), a finger of ginger, two large cloves of garlic, garam masala, turmeric, salt. Dice into squares and sauté. Delish!

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Chia Fauxgurt

6 strawberries 2 Tbsp chia seeds 1/2 can coconut cream (not the liquid) 1 tsp honey 1 banana Blend in a nutribullet or powerful blender. Chill.

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One Photo of the Inside of Our Red Tent

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  Two years ago two of my daughters and I attended the Southeastern Women’s Herbal Conference as vendors. I thought the crowd would be a good place to market my daughter’s tie dyes and my own needle felted artwork and … Continue reading

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Staycation, Day 1

Lunch. Mark worked on the first day and I did chores until lunch time. Then I ate this tomato, warm from the garden, for lunch. After that, thrifting with my daughter and my son’s girlfriend. We had hard core thrifting … Continue reading

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Walk In, When You Feel Like You’ve Been Inhabited by a Ghost

Many people believe that there is such a thing as a walk-in, wherein someone becomes extremely ill, almost to the point of death and comes back from edge changed, almost as if their body has been inhabited by the spirit … Continue reading

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American Gods

I don’t do book reviews. Many of my friends do and I think they have a knack for something that I don’t have a knack for. I read. I have no idea if what I read is good or bad … Continue reading

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50 Ways to Sleep in Public

or a Narcoleptic’s Guide to the Baltic and British Isles. Last summer our family took a vacation. My narcoleptic daughter took advantage of many opportunities to nap. I took advantage of the photo opp. Don’t be too angry on her … Continue reading

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A Happy Christmas

What’s there left to say about Christmas? Maybe some small record of our doings and that’s all. Christmas was wonderful. Our family expanded to include two girlfriends in the festivities. Things at Dad’s house were over-the-top and awesome, as usual. … Continue reading

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Rant, Because You’re a Know It All

I once met a person who said that homeschoolers cannot actually measure their success because they assign arbitrary, highly skewed letter and numerical grades to their students/children. And I get stuck thinking on this sometimes because *seriously*? That’s what ALL … Continue reading

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