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Homemade Holiday

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. It’s not a holiday for us but a season filled with cutting greenery and decorating our home with it, light gazing, baking and crafting. I always make an effort to purchase … Continue reading

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The Saga of the Liver

For years now my husband has been consuming a commercial brand braunsweiger. He eats. I bitch. Finally, last week, we had a light bulb moment. Thanks Oprah. He is eating crackers slathered with the pink putty-ish substance and I’m all … Continue reading

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Clean, Green..and oh! What a Sheen ;-)

This is a repost from several years ago. We have used these cleaning products exclusively, excluding my husband who thinks only chemicals actually make things clean. Fortunately…or not…he rarely cleans anything. Often people ask me for my cleaning products recipes, … Continue reading

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A House Built of Straw

We were spending a good deal of time wondering how to keep the sheep out of the rain this winter, not having a shelter in place already. In typical me fashion, I dreamed this. Yes, like in my sleep. Mark … Continue reading

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Horny Female Deer

Yep. You read it right. Leave it to my husband to rush off at 9pm on a Tuesday night to buy a bottle deer pee at Wal Mart. Wish him luck. Both at Wal Mart and tomorrow. The dogs are … Continue reading

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