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Food and passion and renewal and the desire to heal

Last weekend I went to a conference. This one. It was fabulous. Spending those days with like-minded sisters is a fabulous way to re-center, feed my beliefs and learn awesome new things from amazing women who are passionate and who … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Conservative and Liberal

So far as I can see, the difference between being a Conservative and being a Liberal is that Liberals don’t want to know what you’re doing, but whatever it is they would like to make it possible for you to … Continue reading

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Honey for Seasonal Allergies

There’s a lot of talk about using honey for seasonal allergies and I’m here to tell you that it’s working for me. The bees may be able to help you very specifically with allergies to local pollens. If you’re allergic … Continue reading

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Once upon a time my family participated in a group who practiced Native American ceremonial ways. There were sweat lodges, the main focus, but also charity work, dream work and, at Christmas time, a give-away. The people involved were, for … Continue reading

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Eating Well on a (Tight) Budget

People often claim that they cannot eat well for the small amount of money they are allotted each week for food. Let’s examine this for a moment. I want to take up a the challenge that a family of 4 … Continue reading

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The Saga of the Liver

For years now my husband has been consuming a commercial brand braunsweiger. He eats. I bitch. Finally, last week, we had a light bulb moment. Thanks Oprah. He is eating crackers slathered with the pink putty-ish substance and I’m all … Continue reading

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The Gerson Therapy for Cancer

Mark and I have now watched two documentaries about the Gerson Cure. We came by them as a result of being avid watchers of food documentaries in general, no worries, we’re both fine as far as we know. A little … Continue reading

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