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Oh wait, there it is, the rage I couldn’t find the other night, growling into my pillow, crying frustration, pain, betrayal but not rage. The rage was in absentia. Not now. Here, wishing dead someone who has hurt my children, … Continue reading

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Red Tent

Tonight is the first Sunday after the new moon. Women friends and I gather this evening. Maybe I will talk about this in another post, maybe share some photos, or maybe not. But tonight, this is what I am doing. … Continue reading

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Mothering Myself

It’s funny how almost everyone thinks that I had this fantastic childhood because my father has a lot of money. Listen up, folks. I have a critical PSA: Money does not equal happiness. Get over that thought right now. My … Continue reading

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To My Old Neighbor Whose Name I Cannot Remember, and the Spirit of his Puppy, Buddy

There was a time when I was much younger, a single mom, living in a house with a cute guy next door. This particular cute guy was not Pete. I can’t remember this fella’s name but I remember his dog, … Continue reading

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Fear and Horses, a Shame Story

This is going to seem unrelated to the title, but I am participating in a 5 week course on finding your Fierce Feminine. Things in my life have been intense this year. Lots of family stuff coming up, changing, a … Continue reading

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Time for Me

I have been a mother for a long time. My first child was born when I was 22 and he was something like 8,492 gestational weeks old. Ever since then I have devoted most of my energy and brain space … Continue reading

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Food and passion and renewal and the desire to heal

Last weekend I went to a conference. This one. It was fabulous. Spending those days with like-minded sisters is a fabulous way to re-center, feed my beliefs and learn awesome new things from amazing women who are passionate and who … Continue reading

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Staycation, Day 5

  Today my husband went to work all day. I puttered around the house. We had a great date night planned and made it so far as to have dinner with friends at a lovely restaurant in Virginia Beach. The … Continue reading

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Staycation, Day 4

Husband worked half of this day so I did the barn chores and went for a swim ALONE. No lifeguard or anything. We spent the afternoon processing peaches after which we were too exhausted to deal with fixing supper. Instead … Continue reading

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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Narcissism at it’s finest. You do it, too, even if it’s a FB post! It will be way more fun then. 1. Sometimes I go for months without washing my hair. 2. I’m studying to become a professional herbalist. 3. … Continue reading

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