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Thanksgiving is a holiday that is always filled with tension for me though I seek desperately for ways to end that and to feel happy and and have fun on this food holiday. Every day of my life, with few … Continue reading

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Once upon a time my family participated in a group who practiced Native American ceremonial ways. There were sweat lodges, the main focus, but also charity work, dream work and, at Christmas time, a give-away. The people involved were, for … Continue reading

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Happy New Year’s Day

If you are supposed to spend the year doing whatever it is that you do on New Year’s Day, then we’re going to have a good year. We had a slow morning, spent the next few hours de-cluttering (de-Christmassing to … Continue reading

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A Happy Christmas

What’s there left to say about Christmas? Maybe some small record of our doings and that’s all. Christmas was wonderful. Our family expanded to include two girlfriends in the festivities. Things at Dad’s house were over-the-top and awesome, as usual. … Continue reading

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Homemade Holiday

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. It’s not a holiday for us but a season filled with cutting greenery and decorating our home with it, light gazing, baking and crafting. I always make an effort to purchase … Continue reading

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We enjoy celebrating the traditional festivals of our ancestors on the quarters and cross-quarters of the year. This often confuses folks when they find out that I am not Wiccan. Like they say in Scotland, ‘Ach, weeel…’ Imbolc is the … Continue reading

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It seems that dh and I may have reached the point in our lives where things are just too cushy. He works too hard. I’m too withdrawn, making every effort to avoid conflict with family, with spectators, with whoever. This … Continue reading

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