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When Reality and Wants Collide

Recently someone said something to me to the effect of, “The more things you have, the more weighed down you are.” No shit. The conversation was in regards to our house and pool as they relate to life in general. … Continue reading

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Somtimes Writing About It Makes It Seem Better

The players: The dogs, Jasmine and Thunder. Me. Two unknown women and their tiny little doggies. The location: Our driveway. The story: This morning I woke up and went to let the dogs out. There were two women walking their … Continue reading

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Sweet Tomato Salad Dressing

No pic, sorry, but this was too good to forget when I tossed it together a few nights ago. It was perfect on our salad fresh from the garden. 1 Tbsp tomato paste1 Tbsp maple syrup3/4 cup olive oilsaltpeppera handful … Continue reading

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Reno’s Continue

We spent the weekend mysteriously without kitchen lights. It was okay because it’s midsummer and the light doesn’t leave until late. The bathroom floor has been replaced (and the piers and joists) and now the boys are framing in the … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Who knew the pool lounger came complete with THE GIRL!?

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This is our professional dog bathing setup. Notice the underpaid workers? The raised tub? The sad looking, wet dog? Uh-oh, I think maybe one of the workers is getting smart with the photographer! It’s a good thing the short person … Continue reading

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Eli and Payday

A few days ago my daughter and her friend decided to go horseback riding. Eli wanted to ride Wind, the pony, but he’d already had a hard workout that day so she rode my 26 year old quarter horse and … Continue reading

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