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Spiral Walk 2009

We always begin our Spiral Walk evening with a story about the creatures gathering around a tiny flame. There are a rabbit, a mouse, gnomes, and an angel. The children sit on the floor round the table and listen as … Continue reading

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As part of our 1st grade curriculum, we are reading Fairy Tales. This week we are studying Rumplestiltskin. When we decided to do our little tabletop play, Travis suggested we video tape it and so I asked him to tape. … Continue reading

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Form Drawing and Photography

Our homeschool is, very loosely phrased, ‘Waldorf-inspired.’ I tend to offer academic instruction way too early and am not nearly calm and patient enough to really stick with the entire Waldorf program of instruction but I do take inspiration and … Continue reading

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Popping In Quickly, with Gnomes

From MTBar Farm Martina plays a lot under our willow tree. Last night the fairies visited and left a little gift for the loving care of Grandmother Willow…gnome hats. It is amazing to me watching the full blown innocence and purity … Continue reading

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Advent Spiral

Yesterday evening, we had our first Advent Spiral. No one present has ever participated in an Advent Spiral before, so we did our best and I must say that there were a few moments of real magic as the spiral … Continue reading

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Rhythms of Life

With the advent of autumn weather I always experience a time of greater activity, both mental and physical and this year, spiritual. It’s as if I awaken from summer’s suffocation all of sudden and am alive again!Right now I am … Continue reading

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