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This is Jasmine, aka Skootchie Butt. Jasmine is an Australian Shepherd and she used to herd sheep back when we had them. She was pretty good at it and we do still have bratty goats who get out now and … Continue reading

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The Animal Communicator

Recently we had the animal communicator, Chris Stakes, come to our home and barn. First off, let me say that Chris presents herself really well. She is warm, friendly, and open.  I was surprised by how much she smiled and … Continue reading

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Somtimes Writing About It Makes It Seem Better

The players: The dogs, Jasmine and Thunder. Me. Two unknown women and their tiny little doggies. The location: Our driveway. The story: This morning I woke up and went to let the dogs out. There were two women walking their … Continue reading

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This is our professional dog bathing setup. Notice the underpaid workers? The raised tub? The sad looking, wet dog? Uh-oh, I think maybe one of the workers is getting smart with the photographer! It’s a good thing the short person … Continue reading

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Snow Snarls

Off in the distance you will see my Dad’s dock house, closer just an unbroken field of snow but then? Down in the corner? What the heck is that? Look at those *faces*!

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Happy Birthday Thunder (Randall, too, wherever you are!)

One year ago today you were born. In the flower bed. We were putting mama in the Trailblazer to head for the Emergency Vet after 2 hours of non-productive labor. Needless to say, we were very happy to see you. … Continue reading

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Payday has the sweetest face ever. I love how soft his expression is and his fuzzy little ears. See how he’s got them turned back? He’s listening, pay attention to Martina. This was a quiet homeschooling day. Martina has done … Continue reading

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