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Thanksgiving is a holiday that is always filled with tension for me though I seek desperately for ways to end that and to feel happy and and have fun on this food holiday. Every day of my life, with few … Continue reading

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Blogette: The Man of LaMancha

Yes, you’ve probably heard this so much you’re ready to gag but my son is performing in The Man of LaMancha tonight at the Sandler Center in Virginia Beach. I’m so excited and proud that I can barely stand to … Continue reading

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This Time Last Year

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A Weekend Staycation

Lately I’ve got an itch to travel but we don’t have much cash to scratch it with. Instead I decided to take a ‘Staycation’ last weekend. Our staycation began on Friday. Travis, Martina and I went to The Baker’s Crust … Continue reading

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Derby Day Salon

Homeschoolers do not have the performance options that traditionally schooled children do. We don’t have recorder concerts or magic nights or school plays, unless we are members of a great cooperative. We homeschoolers have to be creative in order to … Continue reading

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Changes in the Garden

The ‘before’ picture taken from our kitchen door facing the Rock House. If you really look, you can see the Rock House back there behind the overgrowth, the ugly yellow tank, the weeds and saplings. Same shot take two days … Continue reading

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The Red Cloaks

Today we went to Williamsburg. For a year now we have been lusting after a red woolen cloak for Martina and today we found one. She has worn it since the second we purchased it. For the day she had … Continue reading

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