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Mothering Myself

It’s funny how almost everyone thinks that I had this fantastic childhood because my father has a lot of money. Listen up, folks. I have a critical PSA: Money does not equal happiness. Get over that thought right now. My … Continue reading

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Food and passion and renewal and the desire to heal

Last weekend I went to a conference. This one. It was fabulous. Spending those days with like-minded sisters is a fabulous way to re-center, feed my beliefs and learn awesome new things from amazing women who are passionate and who … Continue reading

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Good Things

Life throws pies. Some are filled with shit and some whipped cream but the truth is, no matter what the pie’s filled with, getting hit in the face with one is no fun. Today life hit me with a pie. … Continue reading

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I’m Filing a Grievance

Most large companies have a Grievance Committee. It’s a grand idea, this group of people who are supposed to be impartial and who feel confident to judge the interpersonal dramas and slights that crop up whenever people interact. I want … Continue reading

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The Dollhouse

Most people would call this a playhouse and I tend to try to use that term because dollhouse means something entirely different to most people than it does to me. But when I was a kid I had a Dollhouse … Continue reading

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The Ten Commandments of Tina’s House

1. He who takes the trash bag out of the can shall replace the bag with a clean and empty one. Immediately. 2. He who changes the toilet paper roll shall replace said roll with paper coming over the top. … Continue reading

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Sundays at Five

Sunday supper, Our kids are growing up. One lives on his own, another with her mother. Both are within a short drive though and so I decided to try and institute an every Sunday family meal so that we all … Continue reading

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