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Endings, Creating Space

I once bought a tub of sugar scrub at the health food store. I paid $18 for 12 oz of scrub. Then? I went home, used it, liked it, read the ingredients and decided to make my own. And it … Continue reading

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A Happy Christmas

What’s there left to say about Christmas? Maybe some small record of our doings and that’s all. Christmas was wonderful. Our family expanded to include two girlfriends in the festivities. Things at Dad’s house were over-the-top and awesome, as usual. … Continue reading

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Rant, Because You’re a Know It All

I once met a person who said that homeschoolers cannot actually measure their success because they assign arbitrary, highly skewed letter and numerical grades to their students/children. And I get stuck thinking on this sometimes because *seriously*? That’s what ALL … Continue reading

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Eating Breakfast on a (Tight) Budget

First of all I want to tell you that if you’re going to eat well, you have to be willing to cook  and wash dishes. In other words, you have to get over wanting a maid and/or McDonald’s to do … Continue reading

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Eating Well on a (Tight) Budget

People often claim that they cannot eat well for the small amount of money they are allotted each week for food. Let’s examine this for a moment. I want to take up a the challenge that a family of 4 … Continue reading

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Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a long way from the harbor where our cruise ship anchored and we thought we were going on an excursion with the whole family that day. We were very disappointed to find that we had been the only … Continue reading

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