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Reading Comprehension

In this post I talk about my frustration with the entrance testing at one of our local independent schools. I was horrified when the Guidance Counsellor implied that M would probably not be capable of comprehending anything she read. Exact words? … Continue reading

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Baseball. Crazy.

From 2009-03-28 When my oldest son, R, was 6 he discovered baseball. He*loved* baseball. He was good at it and it was a boy sport and the coaches were men and this was all important because he was being raised … Continue reading

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Decision: TV/media

2 hours per day, per person. This included television, computer, video games. Ipods and other radio-type devices are not included. We began rationing today.

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Television: Good/Bad

Hubby and Tea, M and Mommy. Two pairs, each with an assignment. For the boys: Why we should watch as much tv, play video games, stay online, as we want to. For the girls: Why there should be a limit … Continue reading

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I Love Tuesday Meme

Thanks Chacha for the idea. This morning I got up ~ 8am, tossed on some clothes, made coffee, drank coffee, beat the children and prepared for my day by logging in to Runescape to get some info on a quest I … Continue reading

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Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

Peaches in my laptop bag. Sorry, the last shot is a bit fuzzy. (No pun intended.)

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