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Fear and Horses, a Shame Story

This is going to seem unrelated to the title, but I am participating in a 5 week course on finding your Fierce Feminine. Things in my life have been intense this year. Lots of family stuff coming up, changing, a … Continue reading

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Ouch! The Story of the Impromptu Rodeo

On Saturday while Martina was having a riding lesson on her wonderful horse, Johnny, I decided to spend some time with my new horse, Broomstick. So far the new fella has seemed very kind, docile, almost Saintly. He has put … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Just Want to be a Girl

Lately we’ve been spending a lot of time at our barn. We have had a huge herd turnover after years of no changes. We sold two horses and bought three. The only remaining long-timer is my old gelding, Payday, who … Continue reading

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Good Things

Life throws pies. Some are filled with shit and some whipped cream but the truth is, no matter what the pie’s filled with, getting hit in the face with one is no fun. Today life hit me with a pie. … Continue reading

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In Lonesome Dove, Misty would have played the role of the Hell Bitch. Never mind that the mare in question was gray and Misty is red, she could play the role better than any other actress horse out there. She … Continue reading

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Happy New Year’s Day

If you are supposed to spend the year doing whatever it is that you do on New Year’s Day, then we’re going to have a good year. We had a slow morning, spent the next few hours de-cluttering (de-Christmassing to … Continue reading

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The Red Pony

came home for a sleepover!

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Could This Be Wind’s Cousin?

I think there’s a solid chance they’re related. This girl was on Assateague, where Wind’s parents came from.

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My husband snapped this one of a pony foal on Assateague. There’s something great about the contrast of this brave little guy standing alone in the frame against the barrenness of the salt marsh. Bravo Mark!

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Large crowds of people make me antsy. *Any* large crowd does this though, admittedly, a John Prine concert is less intense than a Boy Scout group with all those wiggly, obnoxious little boys. Tonight we attended Minerva’s first 4H ‘event’. … Continue reading

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