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Back yard. Yesterday.

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That Damned Ken!

He always looks so danged smug! I’m onto him though. Freak. (scene from the playroom floor…)

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Floor Downstairs, keeping the carpet after all

We thought we had a concrete refinishing contractor coming to give us an estimate. Four times. I take the flake as a message from God. We are keeping the carpet, despite the disgusting things it has lived through. Either we’ve … Continue reading

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Changes in the Garden

The ‘before’ picture taken from our kitchen door facing the Rock House. If you really look, you can see the Rock House back there behind the overgrowth, the ugly yellow tank, the weeds and saplings. Same shot take two days … Continue reading

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All of a sudden, yesterday, the marsh turned green. Just a day before it was brown as a fresh loaf.

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Interior Photos, Corapeake home for rent

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Considering a Move

to WordPress. It is simply so much easier to use. Still in the maybe, maybe not phase.

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