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This is Glory hiding in the Confederate Jasmine beside our front stairs.

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Pupdate #3

It’s shocking, I know, but they keep getting cuter every day! This morning I made a video of them. Sorry you have to listen to my voice, my goose-y giggle and Martina acting like a dork but puppies do that … Continue reading

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High Speed Internet Comes to Gates County

Like all things with life here in Corapeake (emphasis on the -peake), high speed internet wasn’t so high speed in getting here. Of course, about 2 weeks after we bought the freaking wireless card and contracted for service, here comes … Continue reading

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Telling Time and Counting Money

After the nightmare of testing day, I came home with a determination to teach Martina how to tell time, measure and count coins. I tell her: Count out one dollar and seven cents, two different ways. Count out fifty cents … Continue reading

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Gardasil, Is It Something You Want to Inject Into Your Daughter?

Why not just advise them about safe sex, condoms and/or abstinence as a preventative?

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A Blessed Lupercalia to You!

Lupercalia, the Roman festival of fertility and welcoming spring. Somehow this sounds like so much more fun than V-Day, which kind of pisses me off. I feel like I have to recognize that it’s a Day of some note because … Continue reading

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You can give a man a Clementine…

and he will proudly remove the peel in one piece. I feel the sudden urge for a ‘shout out’ to my girls at Cramot! 

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The puppies are two weeks old now. Today is Valentine’s Day and all of them opened their eyes this morning. They are so cute and so yummy! Jasmine is a good mommy and the pups are all fat and shiny … Continue reading

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Ponies and Pennies

I was trying to think of something fun for Martina to do while she’s riding Wind. Ever since our experience last Saturday we’ve been working on counting change. We started slowly and she can now identify all of the commonly … Continue reading

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Entrance Testing

We have finished the entrance testing at both NA and at The Williams School. It was excruciating for me but M had fun…at one of them I seriously doubt that she will be accepted at either school because we have … Continue reading

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