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This is Glory hiding in the Confederate Jasmine beside our front stairs.

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Pupdate #3

It’s shocking, I know, but they keep getting cuter every day! This morning I made a video of them. Sorry you have to listen to my voice, my goose-y giggle and Martina acting like a dork but puppies do that … Continue reading

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High Speed Internet Comes to Gates County

Like all things with life here in Corapeake (emphasis on the -peake), high speed internet wasn’t so high speed in getting here. Of course, about 2 weeks after we bought the freaking wireless card and contracted for service, here comes … Continue reading

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Telling Time and Counting Money

After the nightmare of testing day, I came home with a determination to teach Martina how to tell time, measure and count coins. I tell her: Count out one dollar and seven cents, two different ways. Count out fifty cents … Continue reading

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Gardasil, Is It Something You Want to Inject Into Your Daughter?

Why not just advise them about safe sex, condoms and/or abstinence as a preventative?

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A Blessed Lupercalia to You!

Lupercalia, the Roman festival of fertility and welcoming spring. Somehow this sounds like so much more fun than V-Day, which kind of pisses me off. I feel like I have to recognize that it’s a Day of some note because … Continue reading

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You can give a man a Clementine…

and he will proudly remove the peel in one piece. I feel the sudden urge for a ‘shout out’ to my girls at Cramot! 

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