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The girls and I had fun yesterday. We took care of the animals and went for a swim. I asked if they wanted to celebrate by making wreaths for our heads and cooking round food. Both Aleia and Martina thought … Continue reading

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Why Does the Fog Smell Like Smoke?

Well, it’s not fog.There are 1,000 acres of swamp on fire somewhere in Gates County and I have no idea where, exactly, the fires are located. They are in the same county as our home, our sheep and horses, but … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have to Wear Hemp to be Green

So what are some ways to incorporate ‘green’ into your life? Easy ways? I have a few ideas: Number One: Purchase used.By now we are all familiar with the mantra of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This does not mean that if … Continue reading

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The Full Plate, on rural homeschooling

disclaimer: the pic above actually has the word ‘brain,’ and the goat’s name, ‘qenee’ (sic), our pathetic scanner won’t do 8.5 x 11.‘Mom? How do you spell pony?’‘P-O-N-Y’‘Okay. Thanks.’Papers rustle, then, ‘Mom? How do you spell brain?’… ‘Tracks?’… ‘Goat?’This is … Continue reading

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Advent Spiral

Yesterday evening, we had our first Advent Spiral. No one present has ever participated in an Advent Spiral before, so we did our best and I must say that there were a few moments of real magic as the spiral … Continue reading

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Frankensteinian Homeschooling

WalClasiJefferUnClectic…no!…Quasi-UnClasiJefferDorfian? Hmmm…There are so many kinds of homeschooling, so many approaches, so many theories, so many RIGHT ways…How does a person choose?Classical, Waldorf, Jeffersonian, Eclectic, School-At-Home, Creationist, Unschooling, and more. How does one choose which approach to use? Do you … Continue reading

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Trick or Treating

I took my wee one to my mom’s house to go trick or treating. The rural area where we live doesn’t really participate in the Halloween festivities and besides, the houses are a l-o-n-g way apart.We had the greatest Halloween … Continue reading

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