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Time Off

From blogging. Will be back once the weather has cooled, school is in full swing and our schedule isn’t so frantic.

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Beautiful, How to be Alone

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Toothpaste (home made)

My teeth are bad. They look okay, thanks to dental care and some good luck, but they are not good teeth. I have poor tooth genetics and spent enough (long ago) evenings partaking of inhalable party favors (which drain into … Continue reading

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Gratitude, a 30 Day Project

Inspired by a friend on Facebook, I undertook a 30 day, out loud or on the screen, rather, project to recognize things I am grateful for. Every day, the rules went, I had to write down 3 things for which … Continue reading

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The Ten Commandments of Tina’s House

1. He who takes the trash bag out of the can shall replace the bag with a clean and empty one. Immediately. 2. He who changes the toilet paper roll shall replace said roll with paper coming over the top. … Continue reading

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Woman, Love Thyself: the Eyes

The first thing I notice about this picture is not my eyes, it’s the wrinkles on my forehead and between my eyes. Then I look at my eyes. I like them, especially when I have makeup on to make my … Continue reading

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The Animal Communicator

Recently we had the animal communicator, Chris Stakes, come to our home and barn. First off, let me say that Chris presents herself really well. She is warm, friendly, and open.  I was surprised by how much she smiled and … Continue reading

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