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Happy 22nd Birthday, Randall!

It’s official. My oldest child is 22. Half my age. If have been a mom for half of my life! Amazing. Absolutely amazing. How did I figure out how to change a diaper? Breast feed? Keep a child alive? Much … Continue reading

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How to Milk a Sheep

From Christmas, Dog, Advent, Sarah Actually, I have no idea. Ask Travis. He’s the sheep milker ’round these parts. I tried. I really, really tried but it made my own nipples tingle in sympathy. So I held the ewe’s back … Continue reading

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Assault and Trespassing Law in NC

Class 1 misdemeanor. These assaults include more minor physical contact, verbal assaults, and affrays (fights). Class 1 misdemeanors are punishable by up to one year in jail.  There is something in the statute about assault in the presence of a … Continue reading

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Depressed Women of Corapeake

When we first moved to Corapeake, NC and met the neighbors it was amazing how, to a woman, they all hated living here. All the new people, that is, all the gals who moved here sometime in 2003 or early … Continue reading

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