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roasted root veg

Sweet potato (peeled), two carrots, three small beets (peeled), a finger of ginger, two large cloves of garlic, garam masala, turmeric, salt. Dice into squares and sauté. Delish!

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Dreams of Egypt

Last night I dreamed that I was a temple priestess. I was in Egypt, wearing soft, white robes and a headpiece or mask representing the head of a black cat. Clearly, I was in the Temple of Bast. As in … Continue reading

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GAPS, Paleo, Primal Eating and the Challenge (because I did not feel like cooking!)

For 7 weeks I’ve been eating what is pretty purely the GAPS diet. No grains, starches or sugar other than honey. This all began as a way, I hoped, to help my sickies: my husband and my oldest daughter. However, … Continue reading

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I Just Made This Soup

and it was so good that I must blog the recipe. No pictures. It all disappeared immediately. SPICY VEGGIE SOUP  2 c beef bone broth 1 c canned tomatoes, crushed Pour these into a pot. Bring to a simmer and … Continue reading

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A Letter to Young Mothers

Dear Woman, Please, know that this child is yours. This little, frightening, alien being is yours and you can make the necessary decisions for keeping it fed and safe. Remember back into your great-great-great grandmother’s memories and intuit what is … Continue reading

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Dream Diary

Yesterday, I purchased this Kindle e-book. It was mentioned on a Facebook page I follow and it was only $1.99, so what the heck? I’ve been reading it because it is deeply interesting. My library has many occult titles, along … Continue reading

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A Good Evening

In the midst of some extremely intense life events that I am not going to blog about, an evening like this is An Event. There are candles with life left in them in all of the holders and they are … Continue reading

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