A Bit of Advice for the Guys

1. Women, generally speaking, operate cyclically. Meaning (in this particular context) that we want sex more when certain hormones are peaking. Not surprisingly these peaks correspond to ovulation and menstruation. Every female friend I’ve spoken to about this topic has a strong awareness of this though often they are not comfortable pointing out something so obvious to their partners.

2. Men are not the only ones who should be having orgasms *every time*.

I find it shocking how often women use words like ‘submit’, ‘give him some’, and etc. Yes, we can give but we should also be comfortable taking. Speaking from personal experience, nothing is worse than the dirty, used feeling of having a grunting, straining, selfish bastard humping away on top of my mentally detached self. Ugh. Hello? There’s a person wrapped around this vagina!

3. Related to #2 is the concept of how much more you will enjoy sex when your partner is really into it, too.

4. Birth control is EQUALLY your responsibility. You provide 50% of the DNA. If you can’t be bothered wearing a condom you lose the right to act surprised when sex results in pregnancy.

5. Few women really care how big it is. Far more impressive than a gigantic schlong is a loving, respectful attitude.

6. If you think that menstruation is dirty and something that should be hidden, you are wrong. Women bleed. I suspect that what you’re really afraid of is that our capability to do it and live. You couldn’t.

Furthermore, menstruation is a natural part of healthy womanhood. Sex during this time can be the most intense ever.

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