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Large crowds of people make me antsy. *Any* large crowd does this though, admittedly, a John Prine concert is less intense than a Boy Scout group with all those wiggly, obnoxious little boys. Tonight we attended Minerva’s first 4H ‘event’. … Continue reading

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Derby Day Salon

Homeschoolers do not have the performance options that traditionally schooled children do. We don’t have recorder concerts or magic nights or school plays, unless we are members of a great cooperative. We homeschoolers have to be creative in order to … Continue reading

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Where the Heart Is…

Martina is WAY into Valentine’s Day, so we’ve been making hearts. I have to admit they look sweet hanging in our kitchen window.

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Homeschool Community Garden

The Idea:To take the very large garden space by our barn and use it as a community building tool, a learning space for homeschool families–children in particular, to do something to help provide fresh, local, chemical-free food for a few … Continue reading

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What Liberty Means to Me

Martina had an assignment for our Colonial Life and American Revolution Unit. The assignment was a fun one: Write a poem using the letters: L I B E R T Y.Here is her poem,What Liberty Means to MeLifeImportant freedomBest side … Continue reading

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Payday has the sweetest face ever. I love how soft his expression is and his fuzzy little ears. See how he’s got them turned back? He’s listening, pay attention to Martina. This was a quiet homeschooling day. Martina has done … Continue reading

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I will never get tired of posting pictures of Martina and Wind.

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