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The Red Cloaks

Today we went to Williamsburg. For a year now we have been lusting after a red woolen cloak for Martina and today we found one. She has worn it since the second we purchased it. For the day she had … Continue reading

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The Revolution

We are headed for a 2nd grade Unit Study of Colonial Life and the American Revolution. Every Christmas I fall in love with Williamsburg, VA and this year I’m giving in and feeding it. Today is the beginning of our … Continue reading

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She is the sweetest little thing. We tie our other goat, Sarah, and leave Pandora loose. She migrates between the dogloo where they sleep and wherever Sarah is tied. If we’re out, she’s close by, talking in her tiny little … Continue reading

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Christmas Treasures

Christmas Treasures are the same things that are treasured all year long. A few of them go on great adventures during the holiday season… like Prancer, Martina’s reindeer who made the sleigh team for the second year in a row. … Continue reading

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Send your own ElfYourself eCards

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December 23rd, 2009

Things are beginning to get a little crazy around here! But we’re all in the Spirit of the Season.

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Spiral Walk 2009

We always begin our Spiral Walk evening with a story about the creatures gathering around a tiny flame. There are a rabbit, a mouse, gnomes, and an angel. The children sit on the floor round the table and listen as … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season (for Migraine Headaches)

Christmas is my favorite season. For those not in the know, Christmas is not a holiDAY, it is a holiSEASON. Probably, for some people, it’s all about the shopping and the gifts and the presents and the stuff but for … Continue reading

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Obsessed, Facebook, Real Life and Community Gardens

Lately I’ve been playing Farmville a lot. It’s a good fit for a computer game. I get to grow stuff. I get to check out. I get to harvest, virtually, tons and tons of beautiful produce that my friends stop … Continue reading

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Marketing the Skills of a Homeschool Mom

Some days I look back on the hours that went before and I think, “What the hell did I do all day?” Most of the time I feel like I really haven’t accomplished what I set out to do and … Continue reading

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