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Hearing on Zoning Changes for Gates Co. Horse Owners

Here we go. Some fruitcake decided that the ‘problem’ we have here in Gates County, NC is that too many people have too many horses on too little land. I suppose that having realized this, the next thing was to … Continue reading

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Field Day at PolyFace Farm

July 12, 2008 The Essert clan: Mark, Travis, Martina and Tina attended Field Day at Polyface Farm. We were much in need of an energy boost in our little farming enterprise and, not surprisingly, the visit to Polyface did it … Continue reading

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Hiking Crabtree Falls

We had no idea what Crabtree Falls looked like or how high they were or anything that makes real sense but we were camped close by and decided to check them out. I read online that Crabtree Falls are the … Continue reading

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Mark’s .44 Magnum

Mark’s new joke: Hey! You’re a Magnum!I kept wondering what turning 44 had to do with a huge bottle of champagne. Shows where my mind is! Finally I got it. I’m a gun. A big, macho one.

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482 Photographs of Europe

My gorgeous son is back from his trip. He studied in Florence but took trips to Rome, Interlaken, Amsterdam, Munich and Brugge. He looks wonderful but then, he always looks wonderful. Sometimes I feel like a Randall groupie…a groupie who … Continue reading

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The Junebugs have arrived. They do a great job of pruning the roses and our Japanese maple…too good a job. By the middle of August the roses and Japanese maple no longer have one leaf to share among their several … Continue reading

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