Faking It

Recently I read on a young friend’s Facebook wall something like, “If you have to ask if I came, I didn’t.” This seems to be a common cry for women, not just young women but all of us.

Are men unsympathetic, idiots, selfish or what? Why don’t they try harder to make sure that sex is a mutually gratifying experience? And for the record, I don’t buy that shit about how sex should be enjoyed whether or not one climaxes. Sure, we can give away a ‘free ride’ now and then but seriously? I fuck because I want to have an orgasm, no apologies.

I haven’t had to fake it in, oh, ten years or so. This is one of the finest things, in my opinion, about being married, faithful and having a constant sexual relationship. My husband does not have to ask that question, he still does sometimes and I look at him cross eyed and he shuts up and gets busy.

There were times when I loved hunting men. (Could this idea be the very source of the term ‘cougar’?) The bad part about the hunting was the catching. I’m curious about other women besides myself and the few friends I’ve been comfortable enough to ask, but how many females actually orgasm during a one night stand? Isn’t this usually so that the woman can feel power and the man can get laid? I’d love to know if you have more insights.

This is topic that could be covered far more thoroughly, obviously, but I’m leaving it for now and hoping for comments.

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