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Martina’s House

Sweet. Look at M and Daddy working so hard. Notice how awesome it is that M has the big hammer and Hubby has her tiny one. Working together to build the playhouse loft. M on sleepover night. She’s all comfy … Continue reading

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Homeschooled Kids Carnival

M has a post featured. Seems like a sweet place for hs blogger kids to find each other. See it here.

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Hubby and Reginald Paddington Bear (notice RPB’s leg warmers). Both macho men, in real life. This pic is a dude of a different color…

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Sleeping at M’s House

Over the weekend Hubby built a loft in M’s playhouse. Last week I made her some curtains and did other little things to make the hut more comfy. Tonight? I’m sleeping over at my 7 year old daughter’s crib   … Continue reading

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American History, for now

For a long time, all of my homeschool-oriented posts went to The Life Without School blog but now that blog has become a static site and all of us have moved on. Time to move back home and blog about … Continue reading

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Brand New Blues

Last night we went to see Cyril Neville play at the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts. Mark and I love music and have wide-ranging tastes in music but we had no idea what we were going to see when a … Continue reading

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As part of our 1st grade curriculum, we are reading Fairy Tales. This week we are studying Rumplestiltskin. When we decided to do our little tabletop play, Travis suggested we video tape it and so I asked him to tape. … Continue reading

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Gifts for a Blueberry Girl, Neil Gaiman

Love Neil Gaiman’s writing. Love the illustrations in this book. Expect we’ll be adding it to the library.

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Spring is a time when everything begins growing and becoming lush, verdant. My inner life is no exception. This time of year is inevitably when I set the course for the next several months. Hubby and I have been looking … Continue reading

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FRESH, a movie about food

Some of us wonder what the world is coming to. I hope this is it.

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