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Why yes, yes that is a horseshoe tattoo in the middle of her forehead! Today is Martina’s 8th birthday. Her party was a week ago but still, we have to recognize the day so here is what Travis and I … Continue reading

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The rainbow

We’ve all heard there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Who knew it was in hell? (aka, Corapeake, NC)

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The Silence

It’s been obvious, I suppose, that I am out of thoughts to share and things to blog about for the time being. I don’t know if it’s the late-summer doldrums or depression (I started to say ‘simple depression’ but hell, … Continue reading

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This is Jasmine, my dog. She is an Australian Shepherd and has the best temperament I have ever seen. She’s also pretty handy when we need to move the sheep.

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No, no one has ever mentioned to them that it’s rude to stare. Actually, the hummingbird feeder is just out that window and around 6pm we laughingly call this ‘Cat TV’. Masses of hummers come to feed and the cats … Continue reading

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My Secret Boyfriends are all Scottish

I am braving this post despite the fact that I will probably get no end of shit from my lovely, loving husband. My lovely, loving husband who was called ‘A Dog’ by his frequent travel companion in my presence yesterday. … Continue reading

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Sun. Flower.

A wild sunflower. I like the way the camera is focused on the curtain and the flower is blurry and sort of glowing with the light from the window.

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Sweetest cat hug ever. This is Bride. She doesn’t even look like a real kitten she’s so cute. Maybe we should have named her Steiff?

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Life in the Cat House

I always suspected I’d turn into a crazy cat lady at some point but I thought I’d be older, a spinster and alone. In an effort to add something to my blog during this long, end-of-summer dry spell, I will … Continue reading

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Consumer Dollars

My money is powerful. Not as powerful as that of someone who has a lot more of it, but powerful nonetheless. So is yours. The way we choose to spend our consumer dollars is important because with it we make … Continue reading

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