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The Difference Between Conservative and Liberal

So far as I can see, the difference between being a Conservative and being a Liberal is that Liberals don’t want to know what you’re doing, but whatever it is they would like to make it possible for you to … Continue reading

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I’m Filing a Grievance

Most large companies have a Grievance Committee. It’s a grand idea, this group of people who are supposed to be impartial and who feel confident to judge the interpersonal dramas and slights that crop up whenever people interact. I want … Continue reading

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Honey for Seasonal Allergies

There’s a lot of talk about using honey for seasonal allergies and I’m here to tell you that it’s working for me. The bees may be able to help you very specifically with allergies to local pollens. If you’re allergic … Continue reading

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Once upon a time my family participated in a group who practiced Native American ceremonial ways. There were sweat lodges, the main focus, but also charity work, dream work and, at Christmas time, a give-away. The people involved were, for … Continue reading

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Our World, This Moment

This has been a weird winter. Mostly warm, a little rain and not much of note. There hasn’t been the backslide into depression I normally undergo but it’s not February yet, so there’s still time. Yay. Recently my daughters and … Continue reading

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