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Dreams of Egypt

Last night I dreamed that I was a temple priestess. I was in Egypt, wearing soft, white robes and a headpiece or mask representing the head of a black cat. Clearly, I was in the Temple of Bast. As in … Continue reading

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Train of Thought: Heavy Cream

It’s 2012. Less than a month before the world ends. Do I believe that? Well, I’m not sure. Honestly, I am a little bit concerned. I don’t want the world to end. I don’t want electricity to end. I want … Continue reading

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Dream Diary

Yesterday, I purchased this Kindle e-book. It was mentioned on a Facebook page I follow and it was only $1.99, so what the heck? I’ve been reading it because it is deeply interesting. My library has many occult titles, along … Continue reading

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Walk In, When You Feel Like You’ve Been Inhabited by a Ghost

Many people believe that there is such a thing as a walk-in, wherein someone becomes extremely ill, almost to the point of death and comes back from edge changed, almost as if their body has been inhabited by the spirit … Continue reading

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