Fish Tacos

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Not too long ago my husband came home with one hundred pounds of flounder. I don’t mean nice little fillets but whole fish. He bought them while doing his daily business, which, on that particular day, took him to a fishery.

He and his friend stood out in the back yard and filleted every single one.  After they finished processing the fish we had a lot of compostable product and many, many little baggies filled with delicious fish.

I froze the baggies. He tossed the rest into the compost pile and buried it under horse manure and veggie scraps. Once the hard part was done, we had a delicious fried flounder supper.

We love fried flounder! It’s crispy and tender and, eventually, boring. I had to do something different but know from experience that simply broiling the flounder wasn’t going to be it. I tend to make a mushy mess instead of delicious fish when I broil it.

So Mark fried up the flounder and I did the rest. All five of the eaters living here were very pleased with the results. This makes an excellent supper in a package (tortillas) or you could plate the slaw and fish, top the fish with some pico and white sauce and serve the tortillas on the side. This definitely amps up the flounder flavor factor to a new high.

These go great with cold Coronas or Margaritas and a side of pinto beans.


1 package flour tortillas, 10 count

pico de gallo

½ head of cabbage, shredded or finely chopped


½ c greek yogurt, plain

¼ cup sour cream

a handful each of chopped cilantro and parsley

1 lime

cumin, salt and pepper to taste


#1 fresh flounder, sliced into strips (slice across the grain so they don’t  fall apart)

1 c bread crumbs of your choice, maybe more, on a plate

3 eggs beaten, in a bowl

frying pan with about ½” – 1” oil, hot enough to fry the fish.

Dip fish strips into egg, roll in the breadcrumbs and fry til crisp and brown. Drain on paper towels.

Mix the cabbage with about ½ of the white sauce.

To serve, use one tortilla and smear a tiny bit of the white sauce on it, top with a line of flounder pieces, some of the cabbage and little pico de gallo.


About Bettina Colonna Essert

Illuminated Magdalene High Priestess and facilitator of empowerment and healing circles for girls and women, including a monthly Red Tent Temple. BA in English, minor in anthropology. Waldorf homeschool mom. Reiki master, cranial sacral therapist, herbalist, menstruvist, feminist, epicurian.
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3 Responses to Fish Tacos

  1. Terry says:

    Or you can forgo the frying and the sour cream sauce and go heavy with the cilantro and fresh lime juice atop the fish and pico de gallo for a lighter and purer meal! We always broil extra fish and chop extra cilantro so we can have quick “fish sandwiches” on soft corn tortillas the next day.
    They’re both GF and DF.

  2. Cerwydwyn says:

    or…you could make ceviche with the fish and lime juice and cilantro and use that on the tortillas. I honestly prefer corn tortillas but they don’t bend so well. Sprouted corn tortillas…yum, inflexible though they be! I have to say that the greek yogurt does something nice and tangy for the dish, so unless you’re also dairy-free, I’d keep that.

  3. Karen says:

    I think your dinner sounds great. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

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