The Queen of Medicine

No, this won’t be a post about a doctor in drag. It’s about plain old me, apparently.

Yesterday M stepped on a nail. It went through shoe, sock and foot. She is UTD on her tetanus shot and I didn’t want to deal with ER trauma over it, so I made up a bath and put a lot of salt (Epsom, Red Alaea, baking soda and table salt) in, along with some Lavender essential oil. Then I tossed in the kid, complete with punctured sole.

She marinated. I made a poultice. Bentonite clay, white oak bark extract, arnica, comfrey leaves and calendula.

Once she got out of the salt soak, I dumped peroxide on the foot a few times until the bubbling ceased and let her go to dry it out. Before bed, another foot soak in a bucket with the same salts, towel drying and poultice application on a clean, gauze pad and wrap with tape. She slept with that.

Come morning she soaked the foot again, mostly to remove the poultice…

It looks clean and there is not even any bruising. She keeps telling me, “I’m so glad that I have the Queen of Medicine for a mommy.” Me too, baby. Me too.


About Bettina Colonna Essert

Illuminated Magdalene High Priestess and facilitator of empowerment and healing circles for girls and women, including a monthly Red Tent Temple. BA in English, minor in anthropology. Waldorf homeschool mom. Reiki master, cranial sacral therapist, herbalist, menstruvist, feminist, epicurian.
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