Dear Christians,

Please understand that Judging the Non-Christians in any public place is inappropriate. When you present the topic of the poor unbeliever in a public forum, you may be stepping on someone else’s religious toes and it hurts. Because you so obviously have the masses on your side, we don’t often speak up. Personally, I most often remove myself from the location where the topic is being discussed in order to feel as if my skin isn’t getting ready to crawl off my body.

Maybe, bless your heart, you really are concerned with the potential burning of our unsaved souls? If so, thanks for your concern but keep it to yourself. I don’t want to be saved. I don’t want to be born again. I’ve tried it. I used to be a Christian when I was a child and before the big question mark that constantly hovers at the back of my brain made itself known. I tried faking it hoping that by faking it, I would eventually believe the lie I was telling myself and thereby have the comfort of being able to talk nasty about people right in public while feeling like I was justified and better than they are. It didn’t work.
Sometimes I truly envy devout Christians. I envy you your ability to simply and truly trust in whatever your preacher tells you the Bible says. I envy you the ability to study the Bible and to know that what you read was dictated, somehow, by God and not some power trip by a bunch of delusional white dudes a long time ago. I love the way many of you believe that the Bible is a book of absolute fact and not a collection of moral tales, historical creative non-fiction and suggestions for self-help and better living through kindness, which is pretty much how I see it. And yes, I have read it. All of it. Some parts more than once. The part about who begat who only the once, was that Deuteronomy? Anyway, I totally envy you your outline for life because I don’t have one except the one I’m writing, day by day. But I don’t envy you as much as I pity you your blind faith. I like my question mark, thank you.
What I don’t like is how completely certain you are that it is your right to judge anyone who is not of your faith. While I’m at it, I will tell you that I also really detest those damned emails I keep getting about how God should remain on the dollar bill and how kids, especially Christian ones, should be allowed to pray in schools. No. They. Should. Not. If you want your kid to pray in school, send your kid to a Christian school. Keep your religion out of the public school system. I won’t miss the monetary nod at God at all so long as my money still spends. I doubt you will either.
Most of my friends, not surprisingly, are of the ‘other’ religious designation, you know: pagan or agnostic or atheist or Jewish or nothing at all. Can you imagine how hurtful your rude discussions are? How frustrating it might be to look at a potential friend only to find yourself in the glare of a Judging the Non-Christians conversation or an Attempt at Saving the Poor Unbeliever?
Perhaps we could exchange recipes or restaurant experiences instead. Just because we’re not Christian does not mean we are immoral, husband-stealing, child-beating (no, wait, that’s the Christians), drunken ravers. Seriously? Take a moment and put yourself, mentally, in a place where you would be the religious minority…say Rome, circa 80 BCE. Everyone is talking about Jupiter and his cohorts and how dangerous it is to flout his will. Awkward? Probably. Or, try the same place in 64 AD, where you could have been burned for your religious beliefs, can you imagine how that feels? I can. I feel it every time you have that conversation.

About Bettina Colonna Essert

Illuminated Magdalene High Priestess and facilitator of empowerment and healing circles for girls and women, including a monthly Red Tent Temple. BA in English, minor in anthropology. Waldorf homeschool mom. Reiki master, cranial sacral therapist, herbalist, menstruvist, feminist, epicurian.
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1 Response to Dear Christians,

  1. Heather says:

    Thank you for this post. I wish more people felt the same way.

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